Tickets & Pricing

At this time, tickets are available at the door on the nights of the performances or may be purchased in advance at various selected locations. Ticket reservations may be made by calling 870-573-6454. This will reserve the caller a ticket, not a specific seat.

The Treasure House, located in the Paragould Plaza, has partnered with the Collins Theatre as an advanced ticket sales location. Their street address is 1711 Paragould Plaza. Their phone number is 870-239-4237. Again, this will guarantee a ticket but not a specific seat.

Ticket prices will vary from show to show and sponsor to sponsor. The Collins Theatre staff strives to keep ticket prices in an affordable family range and advises venue users to do the same. The Collins exists for family entertainment and this will continue to be our main goal. A website ticket sales site is being developed but is not available at this time. Reserve seating site is also being discussed. This information will be posted when details have been worked out. Stay tuned.

Ticket Reservations 870-573-6454